// Premiere: 28.06.2001 (Bonn)

// Touring: 2001: ARTheater (Köln) / "Dancestrasse 2002": Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Köln and Bonn / 2003: Rohrmeisterei Schwerte, 5. Dancetheaterfestival Schwerte / 2004: LOFFT, Leipzig, Dancefestival "Westend 04"

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 A no man's land, an island, perhaps. On car seats, living beside one another, three people, stranded. A small group interrupted. Their fate bound together by chance years before. They are surrounded by an invisible wall, trapped by their own anxieties, lost in meaningless work, with no hope. Rebelling against blindly performed rituals, against themselves and others. Three miserable characters and yet no social drama. A balancing act between the real and the abstract, the social and the poetic. The result are very expressive dance numbers, powerful, poetic, germinating on their own.



Concept and Direction: Rainald Endraß /// Choreography and Dance: Rafaële Giovanola, Marcelo de Melo, Sean Gerard /// Lighting Design: Marc Brodeur /// Stage Design: Frank Chamier /// Sound Design: Stephan Mauel /// Costume design: Adelheid Pohlmann /// Choreographic Advice and Stage Management: Antoinette Laurent



"Three people behind a transparent background shrink-wrapped by an idea of life. ... Their encounter is a superb choreographic accident and the beginning of an intense exchange of movement. .... SILENT RUNNING is one of the best things to be seen in the Rhine independent dance scene."(Wolfgang Schlüter, General-Anzeiger, Bonn, 30.06.2001)


"SILENT RUNNING draws the audience into a magic hellish routine." (Gesa Pölert, Stadtrevue, Köln, 27.04.2002)


"In wonderfully flowing movements they make contact with each other only to push each other away again and again. … Occasionally they look into the audience desperately calm, like characters from Beckett whose themes inspired this impressive performance." (Thomas Hag, Neue Rhein Zeitung, Düsseldorf, 15.04.2002)


"SILENT RUNNING ... is one of the best pieces to have appeared on the regional independent scene this past year. Spinning, dizzying ballet is melted together with organic improvisational discoveries into a penetrating dance language - never completely polished, rootless, indecisive. Avoiding sentimental drama COCOONDANCE drifts through an absurd world with sheer ease." (Gesa Pölert, Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf, 19.04.2002)


"The fascinating aesthetic staging and the outstanding dancers thrilled the audience at the Brotfabrik´s sold out performance. They are eager to see more of COCOONDANCE." (Swantje Karich, General-Anzeiger, Bonn, 07.05.2002